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Welcome to the TDN Network, where the convergence of Web 2.0, Web 3.0, and the Metaverse has given rise to a transformative ecosystem that’s redefining possibilities. At the heart of our mission lies our commitment to building a dynamic ecosystem that defies traditional boundaries, reimagining what’s possible at the intersection of technology, entertainment, and decentralized finance. Our handpicked partners, each experts in their respective domains, stand ready to join forces with us to embark on a transformative journey that reshapes industries and empowers communities.

Aftermath Islands: Pioneering Multi-Protocol Metaverse

Our partnership with Aftermath Islands Metaverse opens new horizons in virtual experiences. Aftermath Islands is a global, browser-based open world with high-fidelity graphics, allowing users to engage with virtual environments in innovative ways. Their multi-chain approach and integration of utility NFTs foster engagement and interoperability.

As part of our ecosystem, Aftermath Islands introduces “LOONS,” its in-game currency, with a symbiotic relationship with TDN tokens, providing economic opportunities and enhancing user experiences.


The Delux Network: Advancing Interoperability

The Delux Network, in collaboration with Aftermath Islands, introduces innovative solutions for utility NFT interoperability, shaping the future of blockchain gaming. By mapping different features, this solution maximizes utility while maintaining authenticity. The Delux Network also establishes the TDN Market, offering exclusive digital items and NFT collections, enhancing user engagement and economic opportunities.


Lux Lions: Redefining what’s possible for NFT Utility

Lux Lions, a distinguished collection of lion-themed digital assets on the XRP Ledger, is undergoing a transformative evolution. Following the success of their NFT launch, Lux Lions has ventured boldly into the metaverse with the visionary Oasis on Aftermath Islands. The collaboration between TDN and Lux Lions signifies a harmonious convergence of objectives, where the integration of the TDN Token introduces fresh dimensions of value and utility to the Lux Lions ecosystem. Central to this integration is the TDN Token, which empowers the Lux Lions NFT brand ecosystem with a spectrum of functionalities and advantages. Holders of the TDN Token gain exclusive experiences, special event access, and engaging gamification features, thereby enhancing the overall Lux Lions encounter. Through collaborative efforts with TDN, Lux Lions harnesses The DeLux Network’s proficiency in promoting interoperability across diverse Metaverses. This capability transforms the Lux Lions Oasis into a nucleus of varied Metaverse experiences, ensuring sustained growth. The commitment to value creation by TDN centers on the Lux Lions community, with membership and access programs offering privileged opportunities to TDN Token holders, augmenting the utility and advantages for Lux Lions NFT holders. The profound partnership resonates within the XRPL community, attracting an enthusiastic audience and amplifying positive impact within the Lux Lions Oasis, fostering economic prospects and a thriving interconnected ecosystem. United in purpose, TDN propels Lux Lions into an era of unprecedented connectivity and sustainability, enriching the NFT brand ecosystem with advanced utility, seamless interoperability, and enhanced value for its cherished community.


Primo Gardens Inc.: Elevating Well-being and Sustainability

In 2018, a significant moment occurred with the legalization of Hemp and the discovery of Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychotropic component with remarkable properties. Enter Primo Gardens Inc., a pioneering cannabidiol and Hemp company that stands out with its innovative Build Your Own Blend (BYOB) concept. With over 13 million possible combinations, Primo empowers you to craft a personalized product tailored to your preferences.

But Primo’s vision extends beyond customization. Collaborating with AMI and Lux Lions, Primo is driving the creation of the Hemp Hideaway, the first-ever metaverse dedicated to the hemp industry. This platform ensures authenticity and age verification through advanced verification technologies and Liquid Avatar’s verifiable credentials.

As a TDN community member, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits like VIP access to Hemp Hideaway, attractive cannabis product discounts, product giveaways, and seamless access to Primo DAO. Through our platform, purchasing products on becomes a seamless and rewarding experience.


Pulse MetaVents: Elevating Virtual Experiences

Pulse MetaVents, an emerging virtual events and entertainment platform, brings world-class programming to Metaverses. From music to gaming, Pulse delivers engaging content to various platforms, enhancing user experiences and community engagement.


Rize 2 Day: Revolutionizing NFTs and Education

Rize, a cutting-edge NFT marketplace, has partnered with us to create a synergy that amplifies user experiences. Through TDN tokens, users can buy and sell NFTs on Rize, enhancing transaction flexibility. Staking Coreum on the Rize platform can earn users TDN rewards, fostering loyalty. Our collaboration extends to education, where users can earn TDN tokens for completing learning content, fostering growth.


Rare Store: Connecting Music and Metaverse

Rare Store operates a concert stage in the Decentraland metaverse’s Festival Land district. Collaborating with Pulse MetaVents, Rare Store’s stage hosts events and offers VIP opportunities to TDN token holders, providing a fusion of music and the Metaverse.

At the TDN Network, we’re not just embracing the future; we’re shaping it. Our visionary partnerships, innovative platforms, and commitment to collaboration set us apart as leaders in the dynamic landscape of technology, entertainment, and decentralized finance. Join us on this transformative journey, where possibilities are limitless, and communities thrive.

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